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Alouette Library Learning Commons: Digital Literacy Assignments - Grades 4-7

Is Your Cell Phone Spying on You? You be the Judge!

Is Your Cell Phone Spying on You?  You tell me!

Teachers - Project or give students the Cloze Version of the article.  Have students brainstorm what the covered up words could be.  Review vocabulary.  Point out nonfiction text features. 

Students - Read the actual article.  Answer the questions at the end of the article

Use the back of your question sheet to complete your 321 Strategy.

3  things your learned

2 things that surprised you

1 thing that you will share with your parents

Criteria for Success

All... will be able to read the article

Some... will be able to complete the questions at the end

A few... will be able to complete the questions and solidify your learning using the 321 strategy

Zoe and Molly Online

Zoe & Molly Online is an interactive series that gives kids in Grade 3 and 4 an opportunity to have some fun while exploring what it means to be safe while playing games online. It is an engaging experience on its own but becomes all the more powerful when teachers use the comics and lesson plans as a springboard for conversations about how to stay safe while playing games online and the risks associated with sharing their personal information and sending pictures online.

Ocean School

Welcome to Ocean school!  Here you will learn about the ecosystem of oceans and the diversity of life that calls the ocean it's home.

Click here to enter the Ocean School Classroom

Assignment # 1 Sharks are Awesome

Sharks have survived in the ocean for millions of years - from the time of the dinosaurs! Let’s take a 360° view of sharks and the adaptations that make them so amazing. How can we help these awesome creatures face the challenges to come?

Develop a superhero comic for sharks which demonstrates their amazing adaptations.

Digital Literacy 101

Assignment #1         How to be Safe and Kind Online

Watch the video Pause and Think Online with your teacher.  Pause and Think Video

Use the 5 characters from Pause and Think video to create a presentation in Keynote about ways you can be safe and kind online.

Watch the video Power of Words with your teacher.   Power of Words Video

What should you do when someone uses mean or scary language on the Internet? HINT: S.T.O.P.

Assignment #2         Passport to the Internet

Champions Of Change Grade 6/7