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Alouette Library Learning Commons: Virtual 360 Tour and Orientation

Virtual Tour


By clicking on the above icon, you will be able to see what our actual library looks like.  You will be able to see each section of the library.  Move around and explore.   You can zoom in too!  

Bitmoji Orientation


Hello there everyone!  My name is Mrs. Waterman and I am the Teacher Librarian at Alouette!  I love being a librarian.  Don't tell anyone, but I think I have the best job in the whole school-maybe even the WORLD!  I love books!  There are so many things I like about my job.  Reading stories (especially funny ones!), finding books for kids and teachers, talking about books and I never get tired of seeing you fall in love with a book!  We are lucky to have such a great school to come to every day!

During COVID I discovered Bitmoji Classroom.  Mrs. Iaccobucci showed me her Bitmoji classroom and then I started my own.  It's been 9 months since I started and now it's time for the BIG REVEAL!  Well, let's be honest - it's GOOD ENOUGH!  I made this so you can learn more about how the library is organized and how you can find books using the search catalogue, the 360 degree tour and this tutorial.  Of course you are more than welcome to just come ask me if you have any questions or need any help.

For the best viewing, click on PRESENT in the top right hand corner.  That way you will have a full screen experience.  Also, you can use the arrows on your keyboard to go to the next slide.  When you are done, press esc to exit!

Click here to start your tour