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Alouette Library Learning Commons: Rise (Reading Intervention for Students to Excel)

Our Goals


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Log in Code 8MH3

See Mrs. Tarampi of Mrs. Waterman for your user name and password

See Mrs. Tarampi  or Mrs. Waterman for your user name and password

Classcode 5606999

Lalilo is an online tool for K, 1st and 2nd grade teachers and students. The Lalilo website is accessible on tablets, iPads and computers. Lalilo works in school environments or in a distance learning setting.

Code for RISE 1 EZZDMH

Code for RISE 2 EZZDMH

Code for RISE 3 EZZDMH

Ways to Support Your Child

Reading Comprehension

Welcome to ReadWorks! A wonderful library to learn new words, improve your reading stamina and practice your reading comprehension! 

Class Codes

Mrs. Waterman 56S3R7

Mrs. Wightman PEHJBQ

Mrs. Wong       5REBQD

Mrs. Aareskjold  JUMW6E

Mrs. K's RISE  22VQ7C

Mrs. Tarampi's RISE  6VGXQR
Password is 1234

Reading Intervention for Students to Excel (RISE) UP!

                              Words are where humans store knowledge  

Build                             by reading