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Alouette Library Learning Commons: Intermediate Literacy Games Bin


Quick Start

To Start:  Start with Black Ring

To win: 10 cards



Quick Start

To Start:  10 cards

To Play:  Make words with your cards and other players add on to the word that has been played.  Always have 10 cards in your hand.  Lay cards down in the shape of a spiral.  Do not use the timer.  Play until all cards are done or no one can make a word.  How big can your spiral get?


Quick Start

To Start:  13 tiles... Say SPLIT...Turn tiles over

To Play:  Make a word grid using all your tiles.  If you use all your tiles say PEEL.  All players take an extra tile.

Tricky letter?  Say DUMP.  You have to take 3 new tiles from the pile.

To win: Use all your tiles in your word grid

Winner is the TOP BANANA


Quick Start

To Start:  3 cards.  Play 8 rounds increasing a card each round.

To Play:  On your turn, draw a card from the pile.  Make a word and discard.  Add up points for your word.  Other players with leftover cards count their unused cards as points against them.   

To win: after 8 rounds, the player with the most points wins.

  *********Note about the video tutorial *****************

 In the video it says that you can lay down your words as you make them during each round.  Actually, the rules say DON'T lay down your word or words until you go out for the round.