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Alouette Library Learning Commons: Primary Assignments

Animal Research Rooms

Click on the picture below to enter the Animal Research Rooms!

If you are using an ipad, you can tap on the carpet to get to the next slide.

 Remember, to tap once, breathe and count to 3 while the page loads.  BE patient! 

Once you have read or watched the link, you can go back to the Research Room by tapping the tab that says Animal Research Rooms-Primary

If you are using a Laptop, click on the Present button to enter a full screen view.   When you are done press esc to get back. 

To use Epic, the students will need their classroom code.  Once they have logged in, they can simply search for books on their animal.



Beluga Whales

10 Interesting Facts About Beluga Whales

Click on the picture above to learn 10 interesting facts about Beluga Whales.

Write down one interesting fact that you could share with your class.

Endangered Animals

Click here to access Mrs. Aareskjold's Class Powerpoint on Endangered Animals


Remember, your slide is the same number as your laptop number

Trees. Trees, Everywhere

Ocean School

Welcome to Ocean school!  Here you will learn about the ecosystem of oceans and the diversity of life that calls the ocean it's home.

Click here to enter the Ocean School Classroom

Assignment # 1 Sharks are Awesome

Sharks have survived in the ocean for millions of years - from the time of the dinosaurs! Let’s take a 360° view of sharks and the adaptations that make them so amazing. How can we help these awesome creatures face the challenges to come?

Develop a superhero comic for sharks which demonstrates their amazing adaptations.

Canada's First Peoples - The Inuit

How have the Inuit adapted their way of life to the frozen land and sea of the Arctic?

Click on the picture below to find out how the Inuit live in such a harsh environment.

Click on each bullet point and read the pop-up description.  Once you have read all the descriptions, take a piece of 11X17 paper and draw your own igloo using the diagram as a guide.  Label your igloo just like the picture you were studying.  Choose 5 labels that you find most interesting to write additional facts about. Example: Sleeping Platform - used furs to keep warm, warm air rises so it was the warmest place in the igloo.

Make sure to put a title at the top of your Igloo diagram and to put your name in the bottom right corner.

Live It Arctic Communities

Click on this link to explore a 360 degree view of the Arctic.

Copy and paste your teacher's class code 

Mrs. Aareskjold's Class



We Travel So Far by Laura Knowles