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Alouette Library Learning Commons: Grade 4,5,6 Assignments

Animal Research Rooms

Click on the picture below to enter the Animal Research Rooms!

If you are using an ipad, you can tap on the carpet to get to the next slide.

 Remember, to tap once, breathe and count to 3 while the page loads.  BE patient! 

Once you have read or watched the link, you can go back to the Research Room by tapping the tab that says Animal Research Rooms-Primary

If you are using a Laptop, click on the Present button to enter a full screen view.   When you are done press esc to get back. 

To use Epic, the students will need their classroom code.  Once they have logged in, they can simply search for books on their animal.



Wonder Assignment

Have you ever wondered why spiders were so important in WW2?  Click the icon above and choose a wonder to explore.  Ask your teacher for your Wonderopolis brochure to complete!

Run Salmon Run!








You are studying all about the life cycle of the salmon!  In addition to the resources you are using in class, I have created a collection of salmon books on Epic! for you to read.  Log in to Epic! with your class code that is on the board.  Read each book (just skim the long one and check out the scenery of the Great Bear Sea!).

  • Which books are fiction?  
  • Which books are nonfiction?
  • Which book did you enjoy the most? Why?  

World Book Article 

Read the article below to find even more information about salmon and the different species.

321 Review using the app Mrs. Waterman shows you.

What are 3 things that you learned about salmon?  

What are 2 obstacles that salmon face at each stage of their life cycle?  

Name 1 reason that salmon are important to our Aboriginal peoples here in BC.

Just for Fun

I found a fun article in a magazine called "Bear versus Fish"  The link is below.  (Personally, I think the salmon will win!)


Rock Balancing

Rock balancing


Rock balancing or stone balancing is an art, discipline, or hobby in which rocks are naturally balanced on top of one another in various positions without the use of adhesives, wires, supports, rings or any other contraptions which would help maintain the construction's balance.

Try your hand at some virtual rock balancing!  Let's see who will persevere!

Look what Mr. Waterman did when we were up at Whistler!


Biography Assignment

Click on the Tumble Book Library Icon above and search for the book 

Champion: The Story of Muhammad Ali.  

Read or listen to his life story. 

Questions to Think About

Had you heard of him before?   

Now it's Your Turn

Create a Powerpoint in Office 365 highlighting his life and what he stood for.  Your Powerpoint should be 4-5 slides long.  What were some of the challenges he faced?  How did he overcome them?  What was so special about him?   Your final slide should answer the question, What did I learn about Muhammed Ali that I could use in my life?


Inside a Bear Cave

Have you ever seen Inside a Bear Cave?

Teachers - Project or give students the Cloze Version of the article.  Have students brainstorm what the covered up words could be.  Review vocabulary.  Point out nonfiction text features. 

Students - Read the actual article.  Answer the questions at the end of the article verbally with a partner.

One thing that you learned or surprised you. 

A reading strategy that you used.

Age of Exploration

See Think Wonder

Look at the picture and turn and talk to your neighbor about what you SEE.

What do you THINK is happening in the picture?  

What do you WONDER?

Reading Comprehension

Welcome to ReadWorks! A wonderful library to learn new words, improve your reading stamina and practice your reading comprehension! 

Class Codes

Mrs. Waterman 56S3R7

Mrs. Wightman PEHJBQ

Mrs. Wong       5REBQD

Mrs. Aareskjold  JUMW6E
Password is 1234

Saved From the Smoke

Saved From the Smoke

Teachers - Project or give students the Cloze Version of the article.  Point out any nonfiction text features that students may be unfamiliar with. Review any tricky vocabulary words that the students may encounter.  Have students brainstorm what the covered up words could possibly be.  Give hints for round 2 and 3.  Prompt with the questions, "Does that make sense?  Does that sound right?"

Students - Read the actual article with a partner.  Answer the questions at the end verbally  with your reading partner 

Response Question

What are the different ways that cameras help fire fighters?

Criteria for Success

All... will be able to read the article

Most... will be able to complete the questions at the en

Some... will be able to answer the response question with a picture and labels

Few...will be able to write a response using full sentences and punctuation