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Alouette Library Learning Commons: Fun Learning - Grades 4-7

Math Fun

Your teacher will give you your log in information

Nature Fun

Click on the picture below to listen to bird songs

Literacy Fun


A kid-friendly version of the popular Wordle game. Your word guesses can unlock hidden emojis. Maybe you'll find one next game.

Click on the link above to access 1000s of books on line!

Students can also log in by entering their class code.


Mrs. Wong                          euh7309

Mrs. Wightman                  nwd1055

Mr. Chiu                             gvm4560  

Mrs. Waterman                  vmd2389

Mrs. McCristall                         buq9847

Mrs. Buhler                        tkm7027

Mrs. Bice                                   xys6336

Reading Comprehension

Welcome to ReadWorks! A wonderful library to learn new words, improve your reading stamina and practice your reading comprehension! 

Class Codes

Mrs. Waterman 56S3R7

Mrs. Wightman PEHJBQ

Mrs. Wong       5REBQD

Mrs. Aareskjold  JUMW6E
Password is 1234

Creative Fun

Science Fun

 Click the icon above and choose a wonder to explore.  Use the templates below to show your learning.

Social Studies Fun


You've heard of Wordle right?  Well, this is like Wordle but it's geography!  See how well you can do!  Use the map above if you need to!

Click here to get to Worldle


Our Favourite Authors