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Alouette Library Learning Commons: How to do Reading Link

Useful Links

Congratulations on being chosen for the 2024 Reading Link Challenge!


Your challenge starts now.

Your goal is to read all 6 books and respond in the following way.​

1.  Add to your A-Z Proper Noun sheet after every chapter writing down all proper nouns (people, places, things that start with a capital letter).  Try to write down a memory jogger to help you remember what it is.  Example, M Magnolia Tower, the apartment building Sol and Ming live in with Vea.

2.  For each book write down 3 questions and answers per book on your index card for that book

3.  Show this site to your parents.

4.  Email me if you have any questions, Jennifer_Johnson​​​​​

Personal Kahoot Challenge Links

Challenge Yourself to a Personal Kahoot Challenge!  You might even make it onto the podium! 

Make sure you use your real name when you do your Kahoot!


Click on the links below to do a Personal Kahoot when you finish reading the book!

Upside Down Magic


J.D and the Great Barber Battle

Because of the Rabbit

Astrid the Unstoppable

Peter Lee's Notes from the Field



Reading Link Challenge To Do

First of all, congratulations!  You've made it onto a Reading Link team.  Because you chose to be part of Reading Link,  you will be challenged and stretched in lots of directions!


  • Return your signed permission form. 
  • Put all your Reading Link papers in a duotang to keep them organized. 
  • Think about why you joined Reading Link and what do you hope to get out of it.
  • Get a FVRL Library card if you would like to get Reading Link books from the public library.  Learn how to access their audio books and digital content. 
  • Read your first book over the holidays.  


  • Read two books.  There are a lot of proper nouns in the beginning of books because the author is introducing the settings, the characters and important things. Use your Q & A sheet to write down 5 questions for each book.  Write down the page number where we can check the answer.
  • Come up with a team name and cheer.


  • Read two more books.   
  • Start meeting with your team. 
  •  Make a beautiful poster on an 11 X 17 piece of paper.  Use the whole page, have a border, your team name, and some cool visuals.  Make sure all your names are on the poster. 
  • Pair up with someone who has read the same book as you.  Add anything you missed to your A-Z Proper nouns sheet.  
  • Quiz each other using your Q & A sheets


  • Read the last book.  You know the drill!.  
  • Get ready to do some practice challenges via Kahoot with Mrs. Waterman!

For each book:

  • Fill out an A-Z Proper Nouns sheet and write 5 questions (and answers on the back)  on the Question Sheet provided.  If you need more sheets, they are in the File Folder on the Reading Link table in the library.
  • When you finish a book, check it off in the duotang in your class.  You can also hole punch your Reading Link bookmark as well.  When you finish a Proper Noun Sheet, check it off.  Don't worry if you missed some proper nouns, the rest of your team is doing it too and you can add anything you missed.  Work together.
  • Test your knowledge by participating in the Personal Kahoot Challenges.  Mrs. Waterman will post the links here in January.

Reading Link Posters 2024


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