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Draft of SD42 Libraries Elementary Reference Sets: Seasonal Change (SC K, 1)

Seasonal Change



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World Book Kids article: Seasons


World Book Early Learning


National Geographic eBooks



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Learning Junction - Four Seasons

One Year in 40 Seconds

The Four Seasons Song

Raven Tales - The Child of Tears

Raven Tales - Raven Gets Sick

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Bill Nye the Science Guy - Earth's Seasons

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World Book Kids science experiment/activity:
Temp Time

Literature Connections

Look for these great books about the seasonal change in your library.




Seasonal Clip Art


My Cute Graphics free seasonal clip art

Curricular Connections

Curriculum Connections for K and Grade 1 Science

Big Idea

Daily and seasonal changes affect all living things. (K)

Sample Inquiry Questions

  • What daily and seasonal changes can you see or feel?
  • How are plants and animals affected by daily and seasonal changes?


Weather (K)

  • temperature: cold, hot, cool, warm
  • cloud cover: clear, cloudy, partly cloudy, foggy
  • precipitation: rain, snow, hail, freezing rain
  • wind: calm, breezy, windy

Seasonal changes (K)

  • seasons: spring, summer, fall, winter
  • plant life cycle

Living things make changes: living things may make physical and behavioural changes to survive in different conditions (e.g., migration, hibernation, etc.) (K)

Seasonal rounds: Seasonal rounds refers to a pattern of movement from one resource-gathering area to another in a cycle that is followed each year (Gr 1)

Local patterns: the relationship of local weather to the four seasons in terms of temperature, cloud cover, precipitation, and wind (Gr 1)