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SD42 ADST Resources: Coding, Electronics & Robotics



Program Sphero Robots Using Oval: A C-based Language

Sphero Edu

Code .org is a non-profit dedicated to expanding access to computer science. Free courses designed for your students, including videos from top computer scientists and plenty of coding activities to excite and engage your students.


OzoBlockly Games: Code to Play

Ozobots and Stem Education

Ozobot User Portal

The Foos

CodeSpark Academy with the Foos


ScratchEd: Learn, Share, Connect

Scratch Project Editor

ScratchEd: Resources

Scratch Jr.

Scratch Junior: Coding for Young Children

Scratch Junior: Teach


ModBotEdu: Modular Robotics with Cubelets


Arduino: Getting Started

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi: Teach, Learn and Make


MyOsmo: Get the Most Out of Your Osmo

Coding Apps List for Schools to Explore

Commonsense Education: Best Websites and Apps for Learning Programming and Coding

Computational Thinking

Kit List